Knock’d Off

After a lot of thinking and a chat with my better half I have decided on the colour scheme for a two player arcade machine.

Her late father and her brother both raced banger cars under the historical family name of Knock. They formed part of a team called Knockspeed. She like them has also raced banger cars, but not in the team colours of Yellow and Black. She raced as the “The Mummy”!

The Mummy

The Red and Green buttons will be for Coin and Player Selector. We chose these rather then the ones with Coin and Single and Double Player Motifs on them. The main reason was to keep a car based theme the colours of traffic lights stop (Red) and Go (Green). The white buttons in my layout above are a option for side mounting on the arcade case. These would be handy when playing video pinball type games.

I am most likely not going to be buying the artwork for a “bitcade” or similar cabinet. Although I might buy a blank wood kit as I have limited space and tools to make a cabinet from sheet ply wood or MDF boards.

Having quickly decided to make the colours yellow and black as a nod to my father-in-laws memory. I have figured on the games machines header display also carrying a nod to the family name of knock.

My machine is going to be called “Knock’d Off”.

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