Bench Power Supply

Many years ago when I first started to study electronics I a reasonable selection of test equipment and a bench/workshop in a spare room. Much of this equipment was bought second hand from college or out of the free adverts in weekly/monthly trading newspapers.

I long ago abandoned much of this equipment, when I moved out of my Camden flat to buy a home in Bishop’s Stortford. The remainder of this equipment is still in service but has seen better days.

One of the casualties of the move had been a very heavy yet very sturdy variable bench power supply. Since then I had built a power supply from a modified old computer ATX supply. This work really well until it suffered fluid ingress.

My better half splashed out this year and helped me to buy a nice new bench power supply! As is the way with many things these days it can be linked up to a network or to a computer via USB. This has the advantage of offering better control options then the front panel buttons. It has some memory functions enabling quick setting up of common voltage and current options. It also allows for sequenced switching of power settings and recording of the power used into a table.

In addition to the 2 variable output channels a 3rd channel allows switching between 2.5 volts, 3.3 volts and 5 volts at 3 Amps.

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