Heater repair

While trying to set up some lamp controllers for work purposes, I grabbed a fan heater as a load. I forgot to put the unit on fan only mode. The controller could not handle the load and so was oscillating and the heater was not getting cooled enough by the fan so it soon overheated. I may have noticed this before damage had been done, had I not been full of cold.

By the time my partners nose was provoked into asking me if I was letting the smoke out of something, it was too late. The plastic case had suffered some melting and the thermal fuse had blown.

I sourced some from a well known auction site 5 for 99p type of deal. These were wire wrapped over some brass clips. I have just done the same.

Thermal Fuses same rating different colour.
121 degree Centigrade 10 amp ere thermal fuses.

Thermal fuses fitted were RY121 Bayle. These are 121 degree Centigrade 10A. The replacements had a different colour cap but the code was the same and are still 121 degree Centigrade 10A rated.

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