Power Supply Issue

Following a switch to a new internet service provider the Tenma 72-13330 stopped responding to network commands.

Initially I swapped to connecting via USB which still functioned correctly.

Today I revisited the issue as fixing stuff on my day off seems like a great idea.

Try as I might the device simply would not show on the network not even using if I IP Scanned it directly connected to my laptops LAN port.

Eventually I resulted to uninstalling the software, manually deleting all folders and shortcuts. Then installing the software again. The default configuration populated the IP address to, however my home network is not on that segment. This was the case when I first set up the software too. I simply corrected the address to and hey presto all worked fine again.

To keep this thing working without having to manually enter the correct LAN address each time. I opened Notepad as an administrator. Then edited the “int” file to suit my needs. This is where the presets for memory buttons is configured, so I amended them to suit my needs.

The “out” config is where you can set the voltages to automatically step though, I left this for now.

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