Joule Theif V1

Long ago when I was first starting out with electronics and buying magazines like “Every Day Electronics”, “Practical Electronics” and “Electronics Today”, I read an article about a “Joule Thief”. I never did build the project, but the name stuck with me.

More recently I was watching one of my favourite YouTube Channels “Big Clive”. Clive was talking about the “Joule Thief” circuit. I decided to see if I had enough parts laying around to make one.

My biggest issue was a lack of transformers or instructors. I did eventually find a suitable looking transformer on a old PCB.

Using that was not successful at first. Doing a little research on the internet I noted that someone who had a low turns ratio had manage to get there circuit working with a capacitor.

I reached for my odd capacitor box and with a bit of trial and error I found a few values that made my circuit work. I settled with a 4n7 as that gave the brightest glow from my test LED.

Later I decided to push the circuit and apparelled 2 red and a green LED.

Broxie Cad Joule Thief
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