Raspi Web-server Issue

Until recently this website ran from a header-less Raspberry Pi Zero W.
After a change of Internet service provider the website no longer worked. No amount of changes to the config files worked. I was all set to abandon the website, but hearing the screams of oh no for my better half, I grabbed my Rapberry Pi 3b+ which had been set up as a “Arcade Emulator” running MAME ROMS. The Pi 3b + is part of a arcade machine project that is on hold .

I swapped the micro SD card from the Pi Zero W to the Pi 3b+, hooked up a USB keyboard to its one of its USB ports and a HDMI cable between the HDMI output and a Monitor. Soon after I was pleased to discover the website ran fine.

I was not able to take this approach with the Pi Zero W because it uses mini USB and HDMI ports for which I had no adaptors or leads to hand.

I have since purchased a Pi Zero Essential Kit which has the required adaptors and header pins. It comes in a nice little tin too.

For good measure I also bought a dedicated mini HDMI to Standard HDMI cable.

Both versions of the Raspberry Pi are more often then not plugged into a USB multi-port power hub witch has 1A and 2.4A ports. This is not Ideal so I brought a couple of the official raspberry Pi power adaptors.

The Pi Zero at least already had a 3d Printed Case, unlike the Pi 3b+. My 3d printer is currently in storage and partly disassembled waiting for me to build an enclosure to help combat the warping of larger parts printed in ABS. So, I purchased a cheap case that resembles LEGO.

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