Desoldering Station

The Duratools Badge D00672 desoldering station appears to be a rebadged ZD-915

I had seen a similar looking gun which had a solenoid to vacuum the molten solder. However, I preferred the idea of a station forming the vacuum witch connected to the gun via an airline.

This is probably due to watching one of my favourite YouTube channels and seeing the excellent operation of the Hako unit at Mr Carlson’s Lab.

I can not by any stretch of the imagination afford the Hako unit, but this affordable station was attainable.

I have seen a video where someone put an external vacuum modification on one of these units to eliminate the delay in maximum vacuum suction upon the operation of the guns trigger , but this looked quite bulky.

The fan is a little noisy and I guess this could be replaced with a lower noise unit.

In the past I have only ever used a hand held thumb operated desoldering pump in one hand and a soldering iron in the other to desolder parts. Occasionally finding a little solder wick useful to clean up holes and tracks.

I had a old double sided PCB to hand and set about desoldering some of the components including some lager terminal blocks. Within a few minutes half of the PCB was stripped of parts. All without a single blocked hole or damaged track!

I should have invested in one of these years ago!

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