Flux Inductor

If Doc went back to the Future with his Flux Capacitor then maybe Broxie can go Forward to the Past with some Flux and Inductors.

Having cleared out virtually all of my junk bin, namely several large plastic creates full of old electronics and cables of all sorts to stave off yet more visits from the “Hoarder Police”. I found that even building something as simple as the “Joule Thief” was quite a challenge to lay my hands on even simple things like some enamelled copper wire or even some ferrite cores.

So while ordering some other items these nice rolls of enamelled copper wire accidentally ended up in my shopping cart!

My only issue now is keeping them on my workbench as my wife loves anything copper or bronze like. It appeals to her inner Steam Punk!

I have found a ever growing need to use flux to re flow solder when trying to work on PCB’s. In the past I would tend to apply more solder, suck up the solder with a desolder pump and then add fresh solder. However with components getting ever smaller and my eyesight getting poorer, I am finding the need to apply flux to help re-flow solder and solder wick to mop up excess a better route. Talking of solder wick I ordered some in various widths. They have mysteriously vanished.

I ordered the switch cleaner after I discovered all of the switches and potentiometers on my Hameg oscilloscopes were giving poor contact. I was going to order some “Isopropyl Alcohol, but the price has gone through the roof. The demand for it rose sharply as the world is currently under attack from Covid 19 and hand sanitizer made from Isopropyl is now like gold dust.

I do not have an immediate use for Freezer Spray, but it could be handy to have here if I ever get to trying to fix things at are getting too hot.

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