Power Tower Repair

I purchased 5 tower type mains extensions for use around the home. I got them from Farnell CPC so I was quite surprised to find 2 of them were faulty. There was power to the sockets and the “Surge Protection” neon indicator glowed, but the “Mains On” neon indicator was extinguished.

Surge Protection Circuit

I contacted CPC to negotiate either the replacement of the faulty items or a partial refund. I had suggested that they gave me the price of one unit off the value of my invoice. Rather annoyingly they would only give me £4 off which was little more then half the cost of a single unit. I was tempted to sent them back for a full refund at this point, but that would mean packaging them and posting them back, which was more hassle then living with the fault.

It is a shame rally I have only recently started buying items from CPC rather then “Aliexpress”. I would have thought the customer service would have been a little bit better then it was.

Anyhow having decided to keep them and being informed that if I did my warranty would be void! How they would distinguish between the 3 items that did come to me working and the 2 that were supplied faulty is not clear to me.

I cracked them open and found both had the same leg of the neon broken. I simply soldered them in place and all works fine.

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