Insulation Tester

While purchasing some items from CPC Farnell, I took a peep into the sale area. That proved a little costly as I spotted a insulation tester. I would not normally buy such an item without doing a bit of research but I took a leap into the unknown and bought this insulation tester.

I have never owned a insulation tester before and figured the ability to test the insulation with something a bit better then the ohms range on my cheapo old multi-meter might be useful from time to time.

The instruction book is written in broken English. Fortunately the functions of the unit are reasonably simple to work out with a little trial and error!

II think maybe I will eventually get something that can test up-to 4kV as the 1kV range seems a little feeble. However for the price the unit seems quite okay and is better then no tester at all.

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