Heater repair

While trying to set up some lamp controllers for work purposes, I grabbed a fan heater as a load. I forgot to put the unit on fan only mode. The controller could not handle the load and so was oscillating and the heater was not getting cooled enough by the fan so it soon overheated. I may have noticed this before damage had been done, had I not been full of cold.

By the time my partners nose was provoked into asking me if I was letting the smoke out of something, it was too late. The plastic case had suffered some melting and the thermal fuse had blown.

I sourced some from a well known auction site 5 for 99p type of deal. These were wire wrapped over some brass clips. I have just done the same.

Thermal Fuses same rating different colour.
121 degree Centigrade 10 amp ere thermal fuses.

Thermal fuses fitted were RY121 Bayle. These are 121 degree Centigrade 10A. The replacements had a different colour cap but the code was the same and are still 121 degree Centigrade 10A rated.

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Broken Heating

I started with a new company and while playing with one of the mains controllers they supply, I used my heater as a test load.

Two problems with that.

First the heater on half load is about 500 watts and the mains controller is only really supposed to be used with loads up to 300 watts.

Second me! I could and should have operated just the fan section of the heater safely in the limits of mains controller. However I forgot and at some point in my testing I switched the heating section on.

This resulted in a heater having enough power to get hot but not enough power to drive the fan properly.

Had I not been full of cold I may have smelt the heater before it tripped the not reset-able thermal fuse.

My wife smelt the issue and asked me if I had been letting the smoke out again! It was too late by the time I investigated the equipment.

Today I have taken the unit apart and confirmed the RY 121 Thermal fuse is open circuit. It is rated 250V 10A 121 degree Centegrade.

I have ordered 5 for 99p off a auction site.

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For the last 10 years we have had no heating as we could not afford to even consider turning on electric heaters installed in our flat. Most of them don’t work now anyway which is odd as they were not exactly over used.

Yesterday, I bought some fan heaters form a Tesco superstore for £15. I can not afford to run them to heat the place up, but every now and then I turn one on to thaw me out a bit.

It seems since I lost 4 stone, I now feel the cold a lot more. Meanwhile my wife is refusing to use one of the heaters until winter is here.

I should have shopped around better though, I just found the same heater in a Aldi store for £9.99.

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