This website is here as I have recently been returning to old pastimes that I just gave up bothering with. One of them was playing with home hosted servers. This one sat on a Rapsberri Pi Zero w that was attached to my “3d printer”. I will be adding a newer more powerful “slice of pi” to that eventually.



mad, but nice mad

Broxie Bessent-Rothwell

The Past

About 12 years ago, I had a cathartic reason to blog. Sadly the actions of others towards people I care about lead to me closing me blog. I have long since lost that history.

Around the same time I lost my main source of income and found continuing to work as a engineer impossible. This led to a poor financial situation from which I have never fully recovered.

Next followed a series of operations all of which had complications or errors which have had a long term effect on my health and mental well being.

As a result I withdrew from the life I had known and spent many years in a state of depression. I gained weight and had raised blood pressure and I had breathing difficulties.

The present

I recently gave up 3 part time jobs and have in the last two weeks returned to the world of engineering. After a 12 year period away from the world of fire alarms engineer. I have managed to land a job “Field Maintenance Technician” installing and maintaining a rang of “Telecare” products around Hertfordshire.

I am pleased to say my mental health is much better now. My overall fitness is better too.

In the last 6 months I lost over 4 stone in weight. I have slowed down the weight loss as I am nearing my final target. The next stage will be learning to maintain the desired weight.