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Resisors on prototype circuit board
Resisors on prototype circuit board

In the Beginning


Remember you're a Womble.

A childhood name for me was Orinoco. This on account of my rather laid back nature. A womble trait I also had back then was to collect stuff from the street that had been cast out by others. This holds true today and I find it quite hard to have to walk on by.

In our house we call this Wombling.

Bagpuss and wise old owl
Bagpuss and wise old owl

Useful Stuff

Fix it, Mend it

Another program from my child hood that inspires me is Bagpuss. Here the big furry cat puss and his friends try to fix up the items which have been found.

My Wombled Items are often restored to working order or destroyed trying! When I have let out enough magic smoke, then any salvaged parts are used in other projects or passed along for crafting purposes to my better Womble.

Decorative lights
Decorative lights

Make it


Occasionally, I will actually make a project often using a combination of new and Wombled parts.

Tobermory would be delighted.

About Broxie's Electronic Playground

I may be mad but I am nice mad! Or as my better Womble just said I am a "Full Time Muppet"!

This site used to be part of another project which was a Raspberry Pi based web server where I hand coded HTML5 pages. I have moved to a hosting site and will try to use the inbuilt site builders to sped up the process.

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